My Media Diet

I am studying Journalism at University of Westminster. This is my task for Week 2 for my module Introduction to Journalism. You’d find this very interesting. If you haven’t figured out already, media diet is an analogy for the media I consume all day long! Here is me tracking a day in the life of an aspiring journalist.

Saturday, 10/10

9:00 a.m- I woke up with my phone. Log onto Facebook, saw a few puppy videos and then a few cute babies. Found a really funny listicle on Buzzfeed, ’24 things All Australians say when they’re in London’. I click on Buzzfeed and find another interesting story, ’22 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week’. Now, I check my Instagram. A few pictures of food bloggers, Kim, cats, Vines, Kylie Jenner, Travel diaries.

10:30 a.m.– I walk into my kitchen. Switch on my T.V and watch Channel 4. Reports about Ankara, Turkey fill my screen. I simultaneously log onto Vox to find out more about what is happening in Turkey. I read news about the elections. I decide to verify my facts from Al-Jazeera. I see more reports on TV, switch the channels to Channel 5 and iTV News.

11:30 a.m- I am watching X Factor and Big Bang Theory.

12:00 noon– I see trends on my Twitter about news in India. I check ‘The Hindu’ (leading newspaper in India) app on my phone. I read many stories about current affairs in India. I also check ‘Times Now’, which is the most popular news channel in India. They have almost similar stories but are very well linked to Twitter. I end up on Twitter. Looking through tweets and retweeting a few.

2:00 p.m– I am in Covent Garden. I check two food blogs, ‘LondonEater’ and ‘Eat Like A Girl’, I find interesting things, but can’t afford anything. I check Yelp, procrastinate about good food and end up eating Subway.

5:00 p.m– I am on the tube. Someone gave me a free copy of ‘Evening Standard’. I start reading it, but its a huge paper to carry around and open it. The tube is crowded and I can’t hold up my newspaper. I put it in my bag and the phone’s out again. I check ‘Pocket’ for news and stories I saved from last week. I read numerous stories from Telegraph, New York Times, Guardian and Daily Mail. I end up re-reading my news because I did not update my RSS feed. Refugees, Volkswagen, Tony Blair, Rugby, Theresa May, etc.

9:00 p.m– I am on Popcorn Time, because I can’t pay for Netflix. I am watching Orange is the New Black. I can’t stop tweeting about it. I read many tweets about the show Empire and decide to watch it next.

11:00 p.m– I wandered off. I am now reading BBC World online. I am reading about Syria, and Russian claims and same old same old.  I have been following the USA Election Campaigns for a while now. Bernie Sanders seems quite nice but I am still keen for Hillary Clinton. Also, Nepal has a new Prime Minister!

01:00 a.m– I am switching between Instagram and Facebook. Its the usual- celebrity gossip, cats, babies, lists, more lists. I am on Youtube, and watching a video ‘Refugee Crisis Explained’.

2:00 a.m– Still on YouTube. And Facebook. And Instagram. And…

And that’s my day. Now that I write about it, I realise, I consume a lot of media. I could be obese in fact. But it is an interesting mix I got going there. I wish I could watch more Television, listen to the radio and read my free newspaper (I don’t mind paying for it). Now that I think of it, most of it is Journalism, sloppy sometimes, but it is journalism  (exclude the cats and babies and puppies).

This is my Media diet. Tell me about yours in the comments or tweet to me @ritujarao. You’ll be surprised at what you find out. It is also a liberating process because you might end up feeling smart (or not) like I am feeling right now!


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