Media Monitoring: Terror Attacks in Paris

Media Monitoring Post 1 (Again)

Tracking: The Terror Attacks in Paris

Sorry Folks, I had a change of plans and decided to monitor the coverage of the attacks in the capital city of France. I did so because it is breaking news and occurred 3-4 hours before I wrote this blog.

How I first got to know about the terror in Paris was when at 9:37 p.m. I saw the colours of the french flag on the Wembley Stadium.

Agence France Presse was the first one to report the Paris Attacks on their twitter handle. Their first tweet, ‘#BREAKING Multiple attacks in Paris, at least 18 dead, police say’ was the first update. Their other tweets continued providing witness reports and ground situation report.

The BBC World Service aired breaking reports on their Newshour Show. The BBC is expected to run a live blog about these attacks and already has stories breaking at this very moment.

There was an update that about 100 people were held hostage in Bataclan Concert Hall at a Eagles Of Death Metal concert. The best coverage of this angle came from Gigwise and they constantly are updating their feed. At the moment, the EODM band members are claimed to be taken has hostage too.

The death toll reaches over 120 or more in a tweet from AFP.

The Guardian reported, Witness accounts from across Paris: ‘I saw my final hour unfurl before me’. This was an interesting piece as it was online in about 5-6 hours after the attacks while the terror still persists. This article was successful in reaching out to its audience to give them the ‘real feel’ of being there and understand the wrath of the situation. It also mentions tweets that broke the news.

The Telegraph posted the official video of French President declaring state of emergency following Paris shootings and this piece also has a timeline of previous terror attacks in France. This piece adds colour to the story and compares the pattern in previous attacks.

Followed by French President’s, ‘President Obama calls Paris massacres an attack against ‘all of humanity’ as leaders around the world pledge to work with France and bring those responsible to justice’ reported the Mail Online. The Mail Online has taken the angle of International reaction of these attacks. it further reported, ‘Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday; ‘I am shocked by events in Paris tonight. Our thoughts and prayers are with the French people. We will do whatever we can to help.’

Business Insider UK has posted a images from the horrific night. They act as explainers and gives its audience a ‘be there feel’. The BI has staoergically managed to depict it pictorially to its business minded and working class audience.

The most interesting angle to the story up until now is the significance of Friday, the 13th. A blog posted a piece about the coincidence of the Attacks on Friday the 13th. The Guardian also did a piece about this in their Culture section.

Signing off for today, I shall track this story further tomorrow. For now, #PrayforParis.


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