Media Monitoring Post 2

Tracking: Terror Attacks in Paris. Day 2

And the aftermath continues…

On the 14th, there were a lot of explainers flooding the internet. Everyone is anxious to know what happened in Paris that fateful night, who did it, and why. The explainer, ‘Everything we know so far…’ by Telegraph was interesting in particular. It took on a human angle and continues to be constantly updated.

I came across an expert analysis piece on Vox which comments on ‘Why ISIS would attack Paris?’. This story takes a strategic angle on ‘major shift in ISIS’s global strategy’. This is followed by a detailed interview between the reporter and Will McCants, author of ISIS Apocalypse.

Amidst the chaos of the terror in Paris, there was a gun scare in the Gatwick Airport. A frenchman with an Air rifle and a gun was charged after the Airport was evacuated. This story emphasised on the high tensions in London and the effect Paris attacks had on the international community.

A rather controversial message from the ISIS claiming responsibility for the attacks caused major rumours. A blog on Spectator UK claimed to have the footage and posted a translation of the same. This was circulated over and over on twitter and is titled ‘The first of the storm’.

After due analysis, Sky News researched a new angle, ‘France Attacks Needed Weeks Of Planning’. It explores the back scenes of the attacks and sheds light on the fact that a series of co-ordinated attacks on the scale and sophistication of what hit Paris on 13 November requires weeks, at least, of planning.

The immediate follow up to this story, the angle covered by Guardian talks about the possibility of French Intelligence negligence and ineptness. It analyses the inability of French security systems to have prevented this attack especially after installation of new security measure after Charlie Hebdo. It strongly reports the discussion about ‘French intelligence under scrutiny in wake of Paris attacks’.

Talking about Intelligence and threat analysis, the Guardian posted a piece about ‘Police and security agencies working ‘flat out’ to prevent attack in UK’. It has been established that Europe is a target and for years UK could potentially be under an imminent threat. After Paris, London needs protection and attention, and this has been UK government’s top agenda.

A very controversial yet essential connection was made by Mail Online between the Jihadi John story and Paris attacks. It asks a vital (yet unsupported) question, ‘Was Paris terror revenge for Jihadi John? ISIS executioner’s drone death may have accelerated attacks on France, experts say’. The Daily mail kept up its tabloid nature and added colour (unsubstantiated) to the story. 

In terms of international response for France, many world leaders have expressed their condolences and support. From the perspective of international solidarity, Huffington Post did a political piece on ‘Why President Barack Obama must go to Paris’. It addresses the political differences between USA and France and looks at this as an opportunity to amend relations between the two countries.

And lastly with one of the darkest days, the happiest place on earth was shut down. Disneyland Paris was shut down in the wake of the attacks and to mourn the loss of life.

Keep reading for Day 3. #PrayForParis 


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